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Espeon & Umbreon Eeveelution Paint Kit


A 3D printed Pokémon model to paint. Printed with white PLA plastic on a FDM printer, using thin layer lines to achieve a high quality model. The model is printed with a white base to help create a vibrant finish when painted.

Espeon & Umbreon Eeveelution Paint Kit includes:
- Espeon & Umbreon 3D printed model (9cm tall)
- Selection of acrylic paints
- 2 brushes of varying thickness
- Reference image

Comes as a pair or as separate models, see variations for details. All versions come with or without paint kit.

Please note, due to the model being 3D printed, layer lines will be visible.

3D model created by Scrazyone. Produced and sold with permission as a commercially licensed seller.

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